Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Fall in a Nut Shell

I know that I have been a slacker with the blog posts. Now for serious picture overload of all of our goings on this fall.

Austin started school in September and he is loving it. He is in Mrs. Ashcroft's afternoon kindergarten class at North Park Elementary. I worried about him in school because we were not able to afford to send him to preschool, but he is doing very well. He can read a little and comes home excited to tell us about what he learned each day. Jeremy and I are getting to be experts at kindergarten math and reading. He feels that it is his job to constantly quiz us about the stuff he has learned. We are trying not to get frustrated with it and just be grateful he is enjoying and learning at school.

My baby on his first day of school.

The tree was his idea.

I love the fall, it's the best. The wonderful food, changing leaves, and fun activities. Did I mention my candy corn addiction. Anyway, we went to a corn maze with my family. It was a lot of fun to go to with the whole family. I think we have learned or lesson not to take the kids by our selves. After we went to Jason and Melissa's for dinner.

Sarah stirring the rootbeer.

The exception to my love of fall is Halloween. I've always disliked Halloween and wished it was something we could just forget about. Jeremy got really into Halloween this year. He decorated the yard and dressed up as a zombie. I made him take Austin around trick-or-treating I stayed home to hand out candy.

It was one of the most relaxed Halloween's I've ever had. I am trying to be better about it. See I even made something from Pinterest.

Austin could not wear masks to school on Halloween. He had been planning on being the Transformer Bumblebee,(we got his costume on clearance after Halloween last year for $2)but what is the point without the mask. We came up with costume #2 for him to wear to school. And so he was Harry Potter by day and Bumblebee by night. I think the Harry Potter one was so much better, but he was determined to be bumblebee.

We went to a USU hockey game with Jeremy's cousins. They were playing against BYU so i had conflicting emotions the entire game. I grew up watching BYU sports. We have always been fan's of USU hockey team, but do not care for any of the other Utah States teams. I did want to see Utah State keep their undefeated record, but it was still hard for me. It was Austin's first hockey game. I think he had fun for 3/4 of the game. Those return missionaries didn't stand a chance against all of those Canadians on USU's. USU won 17-5

We had a really bad snow storm a few weeks back. It killed our apple tree. I know, I should have picked the apples off, but I don't really like granny smith's. I the only one that is not sad that the tree is gone.
This picture was after the snow melted, so you can see it better.

Austin playing after the storm.

Thanksgiving was good. We went to Jeremy's Grandpa and Grandma Kartchner's house. As always I get so excited about the food that I didn't think to take any pictures until after the food was consumed. I made all the pies for Thanksgiving. Some were great others not so much. My meringue shrunk on my lemon one and my caramel apple experiment didn't turn out like I had hoped. My french silk pie was a great success and the fist to go, and the only thing I took a picture of that day.

Austin's birthday is usually on Thanksgiving weekend. We had a party for him at our house with my family. As usual he was spoiled to death. He chose a Harry Potter birthday cake.

So that is our fall.

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  1. Nice. My only problem is that horrible pic of me stirring the root beer...inexcusable!